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 Bluegrass Peruvian Rhythm


 Rancho Caetano California Red Sheep

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Galt, CA


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Madera CA


W2 Sheep Company Logo

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Condon, OR


W2 wraps background 

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Coming Soon-

beautiful wraps, shawls, scarves

Shear Perfection Ranch Ewe and lanb 


 Skein Train Knitted Felted Hat

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Registered California Red Sheep


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On-the-farm, internet & mobile yarn shop.

 W2 Club Lamb Prospect

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 Big Daddy BKLewisFamilyFarm

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Palermo CA

California Red Sheep

Drug Free San Juan County Logo 

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Official website of the California Red Sheep Registry Inc.

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Official website of Drug Free San Juan County, NM

Idaho Wilds Misty Mountain Farms 2

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Distinctive Fiber from Misty Mountains Farms

Harvard, ID

Moon Creek Farm Ewes

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Diamond Lake WA

Udder Indulgence Soap Roses

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Goat Milk Soaps

S-B Ranch Ewe

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Herald CA



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 Capture Skein Train LLC

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 Capture CRSR


California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.


SLG Farm

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